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Newmarks’ Yacht Centre Is A Clean Marina


The Yacht Centre is also prepared to provide boaters with educational information on a variety of subjects relating to maintaining a clean and green marina. The Clean Marina program works continually with marinas so they are able to stay on top of new ordinances, green products and other issues that will help reduce pollution.


There is more to complying with the rules set down for being a Clean and Green marina.  The Yacht Centre is fully committed to keeping up with new information provided by Clean Marina.  It also means listening to boaters comments and conducting their own research. Newmarks Yacht Centre is committed to being a cleaner, greener marina.  

Marinas and boaters alike recognize the importance of running a Clean and Green Marina.

Newmarks Yacht Centre, in the Port of Los Angeles, is proud to be listed as a marina able to meet the high standards required to environmentally protect our waters and their facilities. Clean Marina is an organization dedicated to this environmental goal and has developed a program for marinas who are committed to pollution control.

A team of professionals from Clean Marina,working in conjunction with the Marina Recreation Association, is assigned to review marinas interested in the program.  This team reviews and scores each marina, using the following categories, on their ability to comply with Clean Marina‘s best practices.  It is only after certain criteria is met that a marina can be certified as a Clean Marina. Newmarks Yacht Centre has undergone this process with the help of Clean Marina and works year-round to ensure safety and a clean environment for its boaters.


  • Emergencies
  • Petroleum Containment
  • Topside Boat Maintenance and Cleaning Underwater Boat Hull Cleaning
  • Marina and Yacht Club Operations* Marina and Yacht Club Debris*
  • Boat Sewage DischargeYachts at Newmarks Yacht Centre Marina in Los Angeles
  • Solid Waste
  • Liquid Waste
  • Fish Waste
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Storm Water Runoff
  • Environmental Programs