Protect our ocean and keep boating clean and green

green marinaDid you know that California has one of the highest levels of recreational boating activity in the nation?
It’s no wonder since we have approximately 1,100 miles of coast and hundreds of rivers and lakes for recreational boaters to enjoy. With over 3 million recreational boats registered in California we all need to help protect our waterways, and practice boating clean and green.

We can all help, here’s how…

  1. The Bilge – Prevent oily discharge by keeping the your engine well maintained. This will help prevent any fuel and oil leaks. As a precaution, place an oil absorbent under the engine and in the bilge.
  2. Cleaning and maintenance – If you’re working on your boat, use tarps and vacuum sanders. All cleaners should be water-based, phosphate-free and biodegradable. Check out these less toxic cleaning alternatives for all types of uses.
  3. Hazardous waste – Make sure to always dispose of things like, paint, oil, filters, antifreeze and batteries at a hazardous household waste facility.
  4. Manage sewage waste  – Never discharge “untreated” sewage anywhere within the 3 mile limit. And never discharge “treated” sewage into “restricted waters”, like a marina, swimming areas, lakes, reservoirs or into federal No Discharge Zones. Check your area for dump stations or mobile pumpout services.
  5. Don’t throw trash overboard – Don’t throw anything into the water, including fishing line. Can you imagine what our oceans, lakes and rivers would be like, if one person from each of the 3 million boats threw out just one piece of trash?
  6. Grey water – When doing dishes and showering, use a phosphate free soap. This will help minimize the impacts of grey water on the marine environment.

Please, remember to dispose of saturated absorbents at a hazardous household waste facility.  And MRA - Marina Recreation Association LogoRECYCLE your used oil and oil filters.

Newmarks is a GREEN marina and has established themselves with the Marina Recreation Association to provide a safer and cleaner environment.  The MRA, requires marinas to undergo inspections to determine what is needed to reduce pollution and improve safety practices.


Source: California State Parks – Division of Boats and Waterways