Clean, green boating mean joy for you and me…

Practicing clean, green boating is not only good for you, but it’s also good for the fish and the rest of the marine environment. We all enjoy the beauty of our lakes, rivers and oceans, right? That’s why it’s important to be a clean, green boater and protect the marine environment.

clean green boatingHere are a few tips that may help…

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  • Don’t throw trash in the ocean – The sea life and birds don’t want your trash. Store it on your boat until you get back to shore. Whenever possible, recycle your plastic, glass, aluminum and paper.
  • Dishes and Showers – When doing dishes or showering, use a phosphate-free biodegradable soap. This will help minimize the impacts of greywater on the marine environment.
  • Prevent oily bilge discharges – Prevent fuel and oil leaks with a will tuned engine. It’s a good idea to secure an oil absorbent pad where drips may occur. If soiled, make sure to dispose of them as hazardous waste.
  • No spill oil changes – Use a spill proof container when changing the oil. Have a plastic bag handy to wrap up the used oil filter.
  • Don’t drip the fuel – When filling up the tank, fill it slowly. Use a rag to catch any drips. It’s a good idea to leave the tank 10% empty, fuel expands as it warms.
  • Reduce toxic discharges – Use a less toxic or non-toxic anti-fouling paint. This will help to minimize any toxic discharge into the marine environment. Also, non-abrasive underwater hull cleaning will help prevent excessive paint discharge.
  • Disposing of hazardous waste – Always dispose of hazardous waste (cleaning products, oil, oil filters, paint, and batteries) at a collection facility.
  • Disposing of sewage wastes. Not a fun thing to thing about, but a necessary part of boating. Always use an onshore facility to dispose of sewage wastes. Just a reminder, it is illegal to discharge untreated sewage within 3 miles of shore.


Clean Marina


Newmarks Yacht Centre, in the Port of Los Angeles, is proud to be listed as a marina able to meet the high standards required to environmentally protect our waters and their facilities. Newmarks has undergone a process with the help of Clean Marina and works year-round to ensure safety and a clean environment for its boaters.