Boating etiquette and safety tips in and around the marina.

Boating Etiquette

Just like rules for our cars on the road, there are rules for our boats on the water.  Marina and boating courtesy to other boaters, is just as important as courtesy to other drivers on the road.

Boating can be a much more pleasurable experience for all, if boaters follow simple boating etiquette.


In the marina…

  • Avoid trip hazards: Keep the docks clear of debris and clutter. Make sure to coil your dock lines, hoses and electric cords. Use dock boxes and/or marina lockers to store extra stuff.Coil Rope on docks
  • Return dock carts: Dock carts are there for everyone’s use. Be sure to return them to the designated area when you’re through.
  • We love our pets: Most marinas welcome pets. If your marina is one of them, be sure to keep your dogs on a leash and PLEASE clean up after them.
  • Shared areas: Leave common areas like the restrooms, showers, patio, etc. clean after using them.
  • Conserve water: As we all know, California is experiencing a major drought. When using the hose, use a hose nozzle and conserve water.
  • Dumping your trash: Always use the trash containers provided my the marina. Don’t leave trash on the docks around your boat. When possible recycle.
  • Boat maintenance: May sure you know the rules at your marina for doing maintenance on your boat. Check with your marina office.
  • Keep the marina channels clear: Keep the channels free of small boats and clutter. In an emergency, fireboats need clear access to the docks.

In the water…

  • Watercraft  Watch your wake: Keeping your speed down will reduce the wake on your boat or watercraft. Be courteous when passing other boats.
  • Keep the noise down: Sound carries over water. Respect other boaters in the area.
  • Respect the water: Be an environmentally friendly boater. Protect the wildlife and local vegetation. Don’t discard trash and no dumping.


Remember to always be friendly and courteous. And know your boating etiquette!