L.A. Waterfront Ports O’ Call Updates…

Marina at Ports O’ Call is closing.

Marina at Ports O' Call In case you haven’t already heard, the marina at Ports O’ Call Village is closing down to make way for the L.A. Waterfront redevelopment plan. They say the redevelopment has been a slow process, but plans are finally coming together.

They’ve been working with boaters to develop a plan with other marinas in the area, for a smooth transition out of the Ports O’ Call marina to marinas nearby.

“Ports O’ Call Village was first developed in the 1960s. The city’s redevelopment plans call for 375,000 square feet of retail, tourism and visitor serving uses and 3,000 linear feet of rare water frontage.”

New L.A. Waterfront Plans Unveiled

Updated plans were recently unveiled. Plans to turn the Ports O’ Call property into a destination area for dining, music and tourist attractions. The plan is to turn this once industrial waterfront into a popular family destination. Which will include…

  • Restaurants
  • Amphitheater
  • Marketplace
  • and other tourist attractions

It will not only look new and different, it will have a new name, the San Pedro Public Market. And if all goes as planned it’s scheduled to open in 2020. The current buildings will be torn down and replaced new buildings. These new buildings will include restaurants, fresh markets, retail shops, and offices.

There have already been a some changes around the L.A. Waterfront. Some can be seen as you cruise through the channel from the Catalina Cruise terminal along the Promenade. Our as you drive along Harbor Blvd. from Swinford Ave. to 22nd Street.

All this is happening near Newmarks’ Yacht Centre! Right here in the “Heart of the Harbor”.

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